copyright Laurita Small 2009

Ulleungdo…to answer your question, is an island just east of the coast of Korea (SOUTH that is). I’ll be going there. I am terribly excited about the prospect of living on an island for nearly a year. The reason I am terribly excited is because the ferry ride, which might potentially operate daily, is a three hour oppertunity to test seasickness and to catch up on reading. The other reason is the fact that I’ve been informed to leave my figuritive Luis Vuitton, Prada and all other goodies at home, as I’m up for a bumpy Lesotho-like ride on this now gentle little ex-volcano.

Actually I’m being fasicious.  I SHOULD pack as many goodies as I can because during my stay there, I definitely won’t be spending my money on  Luis Vuitton, Prada, MacD’s, movies, coffee-shops, or even Lotte Mart (imagine the local Pick&Pay). The island devotes itself to clean air, clear waters and pumpkin taffy. The closest I’ll get to a tall skinny Latte will be me getting skinnier while climbing the tall mountain with maybe a carton of milk.

I will be learning how to climb a mountain in high heels. How to exchange my street savvy for good spirited outdoor fun…and even though the prospect of taking my shy bather out of my suitcase sends me reaching for the chocolate (just kidding), I am thrilled about getting to hang with the locals and getting in that part of God’s heart, that they grasp so much deeper than we do.