copyright Laurita Small 2007
copyright Laurita Small 2007

 In preparation of my new small-town (unattached to any continents) living, I am stocking up on as many city stuff as I can. As a result of my current economic situation, these options have been slightly limited. No major shopping sprees therefore, but some of the smaller joys such as long drives, cosmopolitan eats, conversations in as many languages as possible, coffees and movies. I am sure I will have my fill of movies on Ulleungdo, as the Koreans are truly awesome at stocking up on a spectacular variety of both local and foreign films ( I have even come across South African films) at DVD rentals as well as DVD rooms at very affordable prices. 

 There are many rooms in Korea. Amongst others, sauna rooms, board game rooms, singing rooms and DVD rooms. DVD rooms, which are often used by young couples as dating facilities (I will say no more), are little private cubicles. These are each stocked with a nice comfy couch, and a super large screen TV. So what happens is the following. You pick something to watch from the little library section, hand it to the lady at reception who then shows you to your cubicle where you wait for the movie to start. Some DVD rooms will even offer free coffee and fresh pop corn as part of their service, but I’d skip on the coffee if you’re used to brewing dark roasts.

It is indeed a comfort that even though I will be deprived of spending six to eight thousand won on a movie ticket that, I can treat an aquaintance (non-romantic of course) to any DVD of choice for a meagre ten thousand won, and still be able to eat my MickieD’s (in theory) without having to sneak it in inside my large handbag.

So, from movies in a small town to small towns in the movies, check out my film blog.