copyright Laurita Small 2008
copyright Laurita Small 2008

Today I would like to urge you to read my colleage’s latest post on South Africa’s Rape Crisis [link]. It isn’t very long, but I hope it serves as a quick reminder, perhaps over your 15 minute tea break, of the state of affairs which concerns, not only fellow South Africans, but many MANY countries today….no, many people.

I was tempted to get really technical and look up a couple of statistics, but our problem isn’t technical is it? Our problem doesn’t lie in numbers. Even if just one person got raped in South Africa in a decade…it should be just as big an outcry…and if you wish to get technical, with numbers as they currently stand…well…now we are clearly in distress.

The problem is not just a gender issue, even though the crime is gender related. Healthy men do not rape women. If we can raise healthy sons who become healthy men and healthy fathers…but wait…am I being too moralistic? Has health become a relative? Am I impressing my Christian view? I forget, at times that our comfortable post-modern…or is it post-post-post modern (I forget how far we’ve evolved) view doesn’t allow for absolutes. We don’t need God. We don’t even need morality. Goodness… we don’t even need ethics…its okay to offend everybody as long as you don’t offend somebody, and if you do, thats too bad, because we have freedom of speech. We really seem to live in a patch-it society. We accuse God of contradicting Himself…my my…what a wild accusation coming from such a well-organised mess. We are so completely out of control that we think we can organise clean linen with dirty hands.

I am enraged that our daughters and mothers walk the night (and day) with fear. I am enraged that our sons and fathers feel so out-of-control and demasculated, that instead of protecting us, they feel a need to over-power us. Most of all, I am enraged that we have such rotten excuses to reject the hand of a Saviour.

I really agree with the points made by Miss Bothma. We cannot expect to be able to tap into communal wealth and then refuse to tap into communal disease/distress. This is everybody’s business. We all have a responsibility to protect and nurture, to lovingly rebuke and communally repent. To build good foundations for our children, and to break down flawed structures held up by our own desperation. We can no longer afford the luxury of denial.