This is not one of those, “I’ve seen Elvis” kind of statements…this is me not getting over a bad date with above mentioned figure (See previous blog entry).  I have, however, arrived safely in Korea and I am awaiting the boat. I am not sure if the recent ferry cancellations have anything to do with the typhoon warnings in the Pacific…but it is rather close to home.

I didn’t think anything of the weather when I got out of bed this morning, but when I reached the harbour with suitcases, guitar and handbags in tow, I nearly got airlifted as the wind grabbed hold of my coat. Seconds after I assured the taxi driver that this was the end of my journey, I  found myself colliding with the glass doors at the terminal (darned wind!). The boat had been cancelled. Like a wet dog, I tried to scooch into the lee of a bus stop to await a taxi. Twenty-seven thousand won down, another six-thousand to get back home. What a waste!

This is my introduction to Ulleung life to you. I am sure I have mentioned to what extent the boat determines things for those of us who marooned ourselves on Ulleungdo. Its just that my contract starts tomorrow, and I’d like to be prepared for school and not annoy my boss with the start of a new year. Lets hope I can give a new update from my little home on the hill by tomorrow.

For now Buscopan, ice-breakers (got to come prepared!) and bed.