The cure for homesickness …is Bovril! I suddenly realised it this morning when I dipped my knife in the jar (a little deeper that usual) and it came out less thick and black than it had earlier this week. The only reason I have Bovril, is because my previous housemate’s parents sent it to her, and she left it behind as a small comfort to me. Now I miss it dearly as if I had personally rowed out to the west in a little green/blue rowing boat to pick up this one last little glass jar.

Where will I find Bovril NOW? I am certain that even had I lived in Seoul, this would be no menial task. The only spread we can easily come by is Dalki Jam (Strawberry Jam). Peanut Butter can be purchased, but only from select bakeries (there are three in total) and you have to pay with a tooth or an expensive-looking watch.

If you are reading this, and you know me personally, dear friend or family member, I implore you…send me one large jar of Bovril right now.