Oh my friggin frosted off face, is a mild way of expressing how unbelievably cold it is here at the fresh start of spring. I, for once, can’t wait for summer to come… The wind chops through the hardiest of my coats and mocks my attempts at trying to survive. Outside the window at school we saw rain, snow and hail all in the passing of eight hours. One of the teachers explained that the weather today is like a ghost. I think this is a Korean expression that must have lost me somewhere in translation…

My apartment has heating, which costs a FORTUNE. This system includes a giant thirsty orange tank (for oil) and a slightly smaller giant of a Japanese machine next to it. Between these two daddies (which have a room almost all to themselves)it  takes 1 hour to heat up my apartment by 1 degree celsius. As a result I sleep with very thick fluffy socks and a lot of bedding. The oil, which I have to buy by the drum, costs about 200,000 won ($200) and has to be replaced every 4-6 weeks. Apart from gurgling up oil, it also incinerates the remainder of my budget on electricity.

No wonder I am sleeping so much! My body probably thinks I should be hybernating!