Ulleungdo, as it seems, has a somewhat different opinion of what an ideal spring should look like. This is DEFINITELY cuddle weather and I’m just about to start thinking about kidnapping someone’s cat. Anything alive that will want heat as much as I do.

The principal was so concerned about my sad state of affairs that he  made my co-teacher walk me to the shop to “get that foreigner a decent pair of shoes”. On our way back we battled it out with the wind on a sturdy slope of snowed over hill. We were both bent over with our umbrellas pointed at the wind, hoping that we’ll make it back to school without our eyes poked out.

I, for one, didn’t have to be here long to know that Ulleungdo weather laughs at the sight of our little umbrellas and literally chomp them up about 5 seconds after you leave the lee of your house. Last year B and I planned to make a sculpture with our collection of broken and annihilated umbrellas. They died swiftly, but lived bravely.