I have been asked by a friend to take part in an exhibition. I have to write a poem about unrequited love. After brainstorming a little on the initial thrust of adrenalin, I came up with a concept that I could be excited about. I was sure the combination of a VERY recent unrequited heart, the seclusion and Korean romance culture would make a killer cocktail to drive me through the hard times. (Now all my male friends are taking a pause, asking: “Was it me?”). I even got a friend to help me with the translation. I even had a muse! There was a couple at the airport in Dubai who provided ample material and ideas to steer my bitter ship.

Now I find myself in the disconcerting “happy zone”. Old love is forgotten and I’m steering forward downwind with clear sunny skies above. I can hardly recall the bitterness of having to let go. I have found, in my 27th year of existence that absence most certainly does NOT make this heart grow fonder. I’d rather opt for the Afrikaans expression here: Uit die oog, uit die hart. [out of sight, out of heart]. Perhaps I am truly a boeremeisie. Where is longing when you need it? Where is bitterness and heartache? It would seem, dear friends, that love will smite, no matter which angle you try to look at it.