I feel, seeing as I am the new High School foreign language teacher, it is only right and fitting that I add a little segment on a favourite topic of mine…K-pop. Korean pop music is very successful in Asia in general and many groups enjoy a large following in Japan, and China. As a result of this bustling market it is very tricky business for a group to remain successful. There are so many new groups popping up all the time, that artists have the added pressure of churning out hits fairly regularly to remain on top of their game. Luckily, due to the Norea Bang (karaoke) culture in Asia, many artists continue to live on in little singing rooms well after their time. Each Friday I will upload one pet and one peeve. This week, as a bonus… One old favorite and one new…same goes for the peeves…Happy listening!

The pets, one old… from back in my days, 2004, Lee Jung with 나를 봐 (Look at Me)

and one new… Girl’s Generation, with Chocolate Love. The song was originally used in a cellphone advert. I also recommend 2PM with “Heartbeat”.


I found a copy of 2PM  Heartbeat with English subtitles…a dedication to the OP team at Handong Camp…the dancing is PRETTY impressive.



Now for the peeves, an old “favourite” has got to be Se7en with “Come back to me”…I secretly love it simply because of all the memories. I think it was released in 2003?” Jangmali mi waseo….” dum dum dum dum dum dum 🙂



as for current…the winner is a solid tie between Tiara with Bo Peep Bo Peep (grrrrrrrr……) and a collaboration between Big Bang  and 2NE1 with Lollipop. I ussually really like 2NE1 and Bigbang…but urg…what can I say?



Until next week, Anyongi Gaseyo!

 PS. Here’s another Highschool ELT (English Language Teacher) who had the same idea as me – check it out!


Photo: 2PM sourced from the World Wide Web on Friday 12 March 2010 from :