This post is dedicated to the Fick family and Lea, whose nervous quirkiness I am missing from the other side of the world.

Elliott Erwitt

I dislike landscapes. I only like people, and plastic flowers.

 This post is a dedication to one of my favourite photographers, Elliott Erwitt. Born in Paris in 1928 to Russian Jewish parents, Erwitt is known as “master of the indecisive moment” (Wikipedia). His images have a tongue-in-cheek characteristic. My favourite collection is definitely the one he did on dogs. Erwitt made it posible for dog-lovers to enjoy snaps of their pets without the mushy filtered 80’s soapy feel. You know the over-lit one with the faded edges…you know which one I’m talking about… In addition, Erwitt was official still-photographer for “Bob Dylan: No Direction Home” in 2005.

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