Cactus Dung is the brainchild of local ceramic artist, Jang Jeong-Gil. A native of Seoul she often speaks of her old life in the city and how she misses the bustle and jazz coffee shops. We often muse together on how awesome it would be to open a little coffee and cake shop with a ceramic studio in an annex. Her new life as a young married woman in Ulleungdo has called for some adapting.

She no longer has a nice studio and kiln at her disposal, apart from when she teaches the annual 6 week course at the yeoja hagwon (women’s academy)… and with her husband, a public official travelling between Ulleungdo and Dokdo, she often has more time on her hands than she wants. However, like all inventors and creatives, she has created a craft and stationary concept to scratch her creative itch. 

The idea came from crafting trinkets in her free time, and eventually developed into a brand and a website. In one week her website had drawn so much attention that she was featured on Naver’s main page. She advertises her own goods on her site as well as giving directions on how to make your own. Unfortunately the site is currently only available in Korean, but hopefully her popularity grows until she can expand her company into even an international business.

To access her website click here. She has tons of really awesome ideas, including tutorials on how to make stuff yourself.