Banana Milk

Here (one week and a day late) on my mini sofa with Banana Mart Uyu (The Korean version of steri stumpie). I want to divert away from K-pop for just this one week (no promises)…and show a collection of my favourite Korean Commercials. No peaves here, just pets! My only request is that you watch these in celebration of Korean humour and creativity, and not as a benchmark for Korean cultural identity.

First up is a hilarious ice cream advert. The line at the end is: “mashieta” which means: “It’s good/delicious!”

Next up is an adorable ad for 바나나 맛 우유 (Banana Mart Milk). I must have watched it at least thirty times! Its sooo cute, and I must admit, they won me over… *glug glug*

Next I have two Mikkie D commercials. The first is an older one, but I love the conglish line at the end:

“Don’t be risky your life. Fries is only 500 won at McDonalds”

The second McD’s ad features Korean actress,  Song Hye-Gyo.  매롱 (merong)  is the sound Korean children make when they pull out their tongue at you.

The last commercial is not so much my favourite, but it scores pretty high on absurd (even for the couple on the couch). The ad is for Xylitol, a chewing gum company. Have noooooo idea what the bloke in green (I hear he is from Finland) is doing there, but it won’t take much looking to find a couple of rip-offs of this advert on youtube.

Hope this is a refreshing break from the pop!