Today was the first day I could walk down to the harbour with just a light cardigan. I hope I will remember it as well as I remember the last warm day in 2004 in Masan. I remember it so clearly. I was wearing a blue T-shirt and we were sitting outside at a restaurant, and I ate sundubu. I got sick a few days after that with laryngitis, and got sent to the doctor by my boss.

I remembered that day as I walked from my imo’s (aunt’s) shop in Jodong tonight. I was really tired, but I couldn’t waste the amazing weather on going to bed early. Going for walks at night has always been one of my favourite things to do. A way to gather my thoughts and getting rid of excess energy before going to bed.

Down at the harbour the trot music echoed in-between the cliffs so that you couldn’t tell for sure where the party was without looking. So…I walked along the lit walkway which curls around the harbour until I reached a little nook which had been decorated with colourful lights. The tourists have been flocking to Ulleungdo over the weekend on account of the public holiday. They were laughing and dancing in the little outdoor eatery (more like drinkery) and cheered me on as I tried to scooch by unnoticed. Funny that they think I’m the visitor.

The harbour is the bustle that I have been waiting for and slowly but surely all the shops are re-opening. The excitement of holiday is in the air, and I’m enjoying it as much as the next red-nosed traveler, hollering at an ajuma for another two bottles of soju….except I intend on doing it sober.