So I have the non-bridal blues… guaranteed it will be gone by the time I snooze my alarm clock for the third time tomorrow morning…but not for too long.

I had a wonderful afternoon with friends yesterday in Namyang. We were treated to a delicious Korean duck lunch, followed by Norea Bang and Makkeoli at the school. Yes, the school has their own karaoke machine…

The only sad thing about it all, is that all my friends here are married, except for the art teacher, who has such an air of mystery around him, that his marital status plays very little part in how we deal with him, or view him. When he is in a talkative mood, he almost always says something deep, and this functions as a diversion. The point is…he is in a class of his own. Artists usually are. I’m digressing…

After one of the foreign teachers told us the story of how her husband proposed while they were in the peace corps, my ex co-teacher suddenly exclaimed… “Young-In! You should join the peace corps! You’ll come back married!” …it was like a hug in a bottle.

To top it all off, I indulged in Pachelbel videos on youtube and before I knew it, I was contemplating which recording I should use, and if my original choice of dress would fit in with the sound of the gayageum. Should I fly someone out to play it, or should I just use a CD. Why don’t I just get married in a hanbok? I won’t need a six pack for that! Would it be pretentious?

Meanwhile, in my imaginary placements Ken, with his cellotaped head, is standing proxy for the guy who I haven’t met yet, who will propose some time before this late autumn wedding. Hopefully before I can figure out how to get a greencard so I can join the peace corps. I have never been one of those women who faff and fuss about the perfect wedding, but I’m afraid I am suddenly in a situation where I am an extreme minority. I am the only single white female on the island! Those are three counts against me…

At the least, this is a little embarrassing, especially after last week’s panic, which was… I don’t WANT to get married! Shriek! In either situation, I will be the butt of the joke. Might as well enjoy it. Afterall, I am also the youngest teacher on the island. Ha!

I am not really pressed to get married this badly…but it does sometimes feel like when you suddenly realise you’ve left a school project for too late and you probably won’t have enough tome to finish it. At the end of the day, I don’t think I’d even really care about the wedding that much either. I guess God blesses us with rain in the right season.

Here, for your musical enjoyment is the gayageum version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D major.