Meet Sungha Jung… 11 year old South Korean guitar hero… Here he is playing Pachelbel’s (I know I know) Canon with Trace Bundy. This kid is friggin amazing! You can read his story and check out more of his videos on his very own website. It takes him about 3 days to learn a new song and he plays about 3 to 4 hours a day. He has a few videos of him playing other guitarist’s work WITH them… This is another one of those recordings. I love him so much!

Then on the other side of the DMZ we have these darling little kids playing Gayageum, a Korean traditional instrument. Unfortunately…due to the current political situation, I don’t have any information on these particular little individuals. Neither do I know anything about this song… I also don’t know how it ended up on youtube…but here it is. They are very darling and I’m sure they must have worked very hard to deliver such a well polished performance.

Asia certainly has talent!