Here I am, right on time… now isn’t that unusual? This week has been exceptionally depressing…but sunny skies are ahead. I woke up this morning and realised that if I didn’t give myself the proverbial kick in thejean-pant, no one was going to do it for me… My new week’s resolution? To finish that watercolour painting (hopefully only one) to applaud 11-year old prodigy’s without hating them secretly in my head and wanting to give my guitar and paintbrushes away because something I didn’t try didn’t work out.

I started by remaking yesterday’s flopped dinner…and succeeded. This is off to a good start, so to keep the party going strong (and to maintain continuity in whack metaphors) here is Cherry Filter live with 낭만 고양이(Nangman Goyangi), which means, Romantic Cat. Feel free to search youtube for the official musicvideo…but the quality was pretty bad, so I posted the live version instead…

As for Kara’s “Pretty Girl”…this is sheer peevaliciousness…I love and hate it! Its a pretty cool meaning though. Every girl is pretty 🙂 in her own way…and tonight I really want to believe it. Have fun until next week! This is your pajama DJ signing out.