So, I walked into Family Mart today and exclaimed, “It’s Christmas!” to the shop owner. She didn’t think I was funny. They were packing out the new stock, and clearly didn’t feel like being silly. I on the other hand, just finished two and a half hours of testing students while sitting on my bum. I DID feel like being silly. I just spent a depressing week of being on my bum, and I searched everywhere for the cause of my down-ness. Was it because my friend forgot to pack in my Omega 3 Breakfast topper? Was it hormones? Was it Island Syndrome? NO! It is bumititus. All my symptoms match up to the same diagnosis. The perpetual tiredness and snacking, the lack in confidence… my low tolerance for the second grade class…

A friend patiently listened to my reeling about how much and why and since when I hate watercolour and painting flowers. When I finally ran out of air (it takes a while – I have 10 years of voice training and another 3 of training voices). He told me, “I don’t like watercolour either…its… so….watery…but this is watercolour, kid. You can’t get bent out of shape about watercolour! Just suck it up and get it over with!”

This must be textbook behaviour for patients suffering from bumititus. So I got up the next morning, scolded myself a few times, went to school, greeted my students with a smile and it was all over. Praise God for a cheerful, sunshine day. I actually FEEL like going out and walking. Now that, is grace. May my week be filled with trying and failing and trying again. Afterall, perseverence requires at least one failure, and nothing beats bumititus like perseverence ointment rubbed in with a little sillyness.


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