Kaleidoskoop will show you how. This three member band calls the beautiful Western Cape their home. Music video director, Pierre Lombard certainly utilized the picturesque local landscapes to interpret the wonderfully warm, humble and homely sound of their song, Bang Jan, Dooie Man. Even though it is lighthearted and positive, the mellow vocal talents of Anique Jordaan, lends their music a wonderfully textured quality. The other bubbly fun-loving members are Jouba Jordaan and Ben Ludik. This is the kind of music video that will make you more homesick than Bovril on hot toast. 

On a technical note, I want to let out three cheers for the decision to get in someone to tweak the colour. It lends the work a very warm welcoming characteristic. The result is a well-rounded, mature though playful interpretation of the song. Which afterall is about not living a fearful conventional life. Even though this theme is universal, it is particularly relevant in the current South African sosio-political situation, lending a positive outlook on life in a troubled, but gloriously beautiful country. I have more than had it with directors who are more interested in dusting our eyeballs with sugar in an attempt to draw attention to themselves, rather than delivering a work that contributes to our sensory enjoyment and understanding of the music.  Thats a thumbs up from me. In the meantime, while I attempt to embed the video directly on my blog, please watch the video, by following the link on the title of the song.

Bang Jan Dooie Man



For more information on the band or where you can acquire a copy of their work, click here. The page is in Afrikaans, but if you send a query in English, I’m sure someone will get back to you.