Lately, by blessing or curse, my imagination is running away with me. To feed it, I am listening to so much new and old music. Scrambling over youtube for new ideas, new talents and new tunes. The saying, charity starts at home, applies to my frenzy for food-for-thought too. Oftentimes you’ll find those great ideas, great talents and groovy tunes are stuck in the head of the guy next to you on the tube, in church, at school or at home.

I guess this is the reason why, even though I have a blog about living on a remote island… I am posting more and more features on music.  It is my connection with the world here, the world back home and the world in our heads. My remedy not to suffer remoteness. To connect, to share, to be, to extinguish and to ignite.

I’m sounding like  greeting card…

So, for fear of being overly sentimental, which I often am… I would like to share with you today, Kendall Ludwig and his lap dolcimer. I met Kendall back in 2008 at the University I work for in Pohang, South Korea, where we both teach English camps. A person I know to have a gentle, old spirit and a deep love for people and music.

He has more than one album out, but the one that touches me most is the one that says everything, and nothing. If you have the chance (which you do now) please visit his site  and listen to his lap dolcimer album.

Stories of Clockwork is a collaboration between Kendall Ludwig and Jonathan Crissman. If you’re looking for good music to work to, this is album is ideal. The music is wonderfully visual. I’d love to hear what people imagine seeing on track number 3,  Re del Circolo. Please post some comments! The CD cover, by the way, is designed by another talented friend, Katie Basbagill. A superb photographer and, as a travel buddy and dinner guest, an absolute must-have. Her website is called Bohemian Red.

If you’re interested in listening to some of his other music, hurry up and click here. Kendall is grooving it out in London with his beautiful wife Erina, inbetween hopping planes and trains to exciting places, gatering stories, no doubt. 


If you are interested in purchasing Stories of Clockwork, it is available on iTunes. Search under Kendall Ludwig or Stories of Clockwork. Alternatively, check out CD Baby here or here for Kendall’s other album, Where Most Dreams Die.

Read an article about Kendall in Wrecked for the Ordinary.