We all knew this day would come, and here it is. I’m replacing the K-pop with some K-Trot! All the Korean Omies en Tannies, have a good one, this round of shimmies are all on me!

First up is 어머나 (Omona – oops! or Oh dear!)  by Jang Yoon-Jeong.

The first two lines are:

Oh dear, oh dear…don’t do that

a woman’s heart is like a reed

Its supposed to be light and funny… enjoy 😉

Next up we have 남자는 배, 여자는 항구 (Men are boats and women are harbours)

My old time favourite…사랑의 이름표( Sarang Eh Ee Reum Pyo)…the Hyun Chul Version from the film, Please teach me English

Hilarious! Here is a VERY well done Trot version of Lollipop by 2NE1 and Big Bang from the very first K-pop Friday…

Compare with the original:

Happy Dancing!