Photo: Baarmoedergevoel with Christine Wessels at the RSG studios. This is just one of the many amazing shots by  Bernard Bravenboer and can be viewed here.

Counting myself lucky these days to find so many gems from home! Last Friday morning when the rest of the school were nursing headaches and dry throats I found Ooh La La  posted on my FB home page. Of course what caught my eye was that Dawid Schalk van Vuuren was sprawled on a carpet on a video on FB.  Dawid is an old school friend, a real 남동생  (Namdongseng – little brother) and also the lead vocalist of the Stellenbosch based band, Baarmoedergevoel.

Baarmoedergevoel is hard to translate eloquently. The best I can do is say that it is a feeling of being in the a womb. The band explains it on their website in Afrikaans, so let me boldly translate and paraphrase. One day Dawid was swimming and it struck him that the feeling of being under water was the same kind of safe, serene feeling one can imagine (if you remember, I’d be worried)  from being in your mother’s womb, away from the noise and cushioned against the angst of a fast paced life. It is exactly this longing for a means to express the desire to break away from a corporate lifestyle that they want to communicate through their music. Not surprisingly they describe themselves as an Indie band with no specific stylistic commitment.

Through their music they strive towards a kind of truthfulness, away from the commercial demands of the market. It is an oppurtunity to be the Bohemian amidst the rest of life’s hustle and bustle. Fittingly, their office location is listed as Bohemia, a popular hangout amongst students in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Bohemia is responsible for having given a starting platform for many of South Africa’s musical talents, such as DNA Strings and   Delta Blue.

The Ooh La La music video is their second, following on  Herfsdans (Autumn Dance). Matthew Griffith of Echo Ledge Productions is responsible for this quirky, tongue-in-cheek stop animation music video. The video was shot over two days, covering approximately 1500 still shots which finally gives you 2 minutes and 43 seconds of watching Dawid walk and dive his way through a,  literally off-the-wall,  livingroom landscape.

My love for stop-motion animation goes back as far as watching Aardman‘s Morph on our black and white TV with my big brother back when we still lived in Uitenhage.  Ooh La La communicates a criticism against the prolonging of anguish by the remembrance of circumstances that no longer exist. This tongue-in-cheek representation of a dream echoes the message behind the lyrics.

Die skip is in die hawe (The ship is in the harbour)

Die dooies is begrawe (The dead have been buried)

en ons is nie meer slawe (We are not slaves anymore)


If you are interested in purchasing Baarmoedergevoel’s music, and you understand Afrikaans, simply follow the link and join their Facebook page. If you live in Stellenbosch, Dawid will personally drop off your album, but for everybody else, shipping services are available at an extra charge. If you are interested please leave a comment and I’ll introduce you.

The band members are, Dawid Schalk van Vuuren, Jakoos Fanzy Scheepers, Jaco van Niekerk, Geran Steyn and Paul Lee Lötter.

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