Jeong Mina became the catalyst of my new love affair with Hongdae. Lately there’s so much I want to write about that I feel a little dizzy. I should just move there already. If you’re scrolling through the market looking for a new mojo or waking-up song, put on 아메리카노 (Americano – as in the coffee) by 10cm. Thought there’s a ton of information on Hongdae artists available on-line in Korean, I have not really been able to find much in English. Of course I am unashamed to admit quite openly that the super energetic lead vocalist is just ADORABLE with the quieter, always hatted guitarist. Their music and lyrics often take a humouristic twist and even the slow songs are energy injected. Perhaps its all that Americano. Must try to translate this song too. watch this space for much more on Hongdae!  Here is  아메리카노  , incidentally also by recandplay. By the way, if you click on the photo you will be redirected to You’re on Blitzkreig another blog which features a collossal collection of 10cm videos.