It’s Election Day tomorrow and life is in the fast lane if you are candidate number 7. Are you feeling lucky? The morning starts off with the smell of coffee delivered by your already dressed wife and campaign manager. You sit up in bed as you take a sip of the hot drink and take in the smell of steamed rice and seaweed soup. Your tie of the day, a light blue silk with tasteful dark polka dots, is already hanging over the rail with your freshly pressed shirt.

 Breakfast happens quickly. Before the first bus leaves the station, you and your imported-from -university son and daughter are waving at passing busses, greeting them with a deep bow. Thank goodness for uncle Park, who’s been driving the campaign car since 07:00 this morning blaring happy Ulleungdo songs to ensure the waking thought of every Ulleungdonian is to vote right. Next up is the daily tour of all the schools. Not a single teacher or staff member should be left in the dark…even the pudgy white one working at the high school as the English teacher. After all, you may be her next boss.

 You wonder where uncle Park is with the car. You’re beginning to run low on business cards, but you realise that no menial costs should be spared to ensure you kick volcanic ash in the eyes of each of the other worthy opponents. Your beautiful daughter hands you a steaming cup of green tea as you head out to the big restaurants to mingle with the other official workers. At four you squeeze in an appointment at a discreet hair shop to cover up some greys…the after-effect of this two month long ordeal.

As you sit back in the chair, you flash a debonair smile to the hairstylist. For this one moment today, you can relax. Tomorrow, you will be the new mayor of Ulleungdo.