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Last week was crazy. I latched myself on to a new research topic with the energy of a newborn nit and  just couldn’t let go.  The soccer provided a needed temopary escape back to the tangible world. Unfortunately, not such a nice escape. Argentina’s slick hair-gelled musky players overpowered the innocent clean-shaven Korean team. The slaughter is represented as a 1-4 score. We don’t talk about it any more. Just shake our heads and save the pop-corn for the Nigeria game.

 The Gymnasium next to my house was rattling with what I imagine to be floor-to-ceiling sized speakers booming out “Oh Dehanminkuk…boom boom boom boom boom…” It was electric….literally.

I haven’t been as tuned in to current events as much due to my introspective research-based week. However, after realising that I needed sun, I hauled myself out of the house in a summer dress armed with my i-pod. Mr. Lee and I accidentally met up at the bus stop, and we ended up taking the bus together and having lunch in Naribungee. I visited one of the schools I taught at last year and nearly got a little teary eyed. It’s funny how this place gets under your skin (in the good way). I am starting to feel my time here run out, and I’m feeling such an urge to really live each day with all I’ve got. To give all I have to give.

I hung out the window of the taxi like a dog, pushing my head in underneath the shadows of bypassing trees. Have you ever  looked at a particular colour and found it so  intensely pleasing to your eyes…  It’s like a kind of thirst. I get that feeling when I see the poolwater at our house on a hot summer’s morning. I just want to plunge in and soak it into my body. The greens in Ulleungdo have that effect on me. It evokes a kind of desire to indulge in it completely. To touch, smell, see and taste it. Its crazy how good a little vitamin D can be for you…

I’m not high. I promise.

Finally, after an overwhelming week of deep crazy. I have finally been demagnetised.


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