This year in my life is marked by a few common themes. I’ve been spending a lot of time in my own company, which I have been enjoying. Alone-time is something I’ve always defended. Time to reflect, to unwind and to organize, or as my father likes to call it, “regroup”. I’ve developed some insatiable desire for knowledge. I remember back in my Masan days I spent a lot of time reading and finding out things. Another thing is a desire to improve some already learnt skills and to acquire new ones. Some are unfinished projects and some are even little out of character if you know me, but here they are. My wish list as it stands now:

1. Finish Bible School

2. Start Rock climbing

3. Join the Ulleung Hiking Club

4. Learn how to skateboard

5. Learn to play guitar tabs

6. Figure out my harmonica

7. Learn painting

8. Study Industrial Design and Ceramics

9. Write a script

10. Re-launch my film blog

11. Write a series of “Greek Ladies” and produce and perform in them.

12. Join the Jazzart Contact Improv Class

13. Make a stop animation short

14. Start my own puppet company

15. Open an eatery with my friend

16. Learn how to sew

17. Work on a film set (my favourite job ever)

18. Join a Theatre Sports troupe

19. Pass the Grade 4 TOPIK Korean Proficiency test

20. Produce a line of designer lamp shades (just kidding)

I realise my list is rather exhaustive. I myself am a little overwhelmed by all these burning desires. How can I group all these ideals together and find the root of my yearning? Today, while watching a beautifully shot longboarding vid by Original Skateboards, it smacked me straight in the macaroon. This year I am experiencing a new kind of freedom I didn’t know before. I’m healing from so many old wounds, experiencing such a gain in freedom. For the first time in so long, I am not stuck in a catch 22. Grateful for being able to open my lungs and breathe, I am remembering my original self. The optimist and dreamer. While I am still realistic enough to realise skateboarding in Ulleungdo could get me killed, I may pick up my guitar and start small on what I have available to me right now.

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