The first time I came across this Californian duo was when I watched a skateboarding vid. This indie band consists of members, Meric Long and Logan Kroeber. The thing that drew me to The Season was the rhythmic patterns in the song, varying from calm and soothing to chaotic and cacophonic. The experience is very expressive and energizing. I can see why it would make an awesome soundtrack for a longboarding vid. Imagine yourself cruising on a road next to the sea, and then suddenly going through a jungle and out again on the open road. Not much to my surprise then, the band is known for their drumming and composes much of their work around Meric Longs experience in Ewe drumming, a very sophisticated form of West African drumming with polyrhythms similar to those found in Jazz (Wikipedia). The band also makes use of some other experimental instruments such as a Tafelberg. Allow me to digress. Tafelberg happens to be a mountain in Cape Town (Tafel – table, berg – mountain) and the pride of many Capetonians like myself. Let us resume. The Tafelberg drum guitar originates from Holland and it is a table top instrument.

 I have already posted the Longboarding vid with The Season in yesterday’s post, so please go and check it out. As for today, I’m posting an HD music video of their song, Fools, directed by  Matt Amato and filmed by Eric MacIver. It is also available on

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