Bob Dylan lives in Ulleungdo. It’s his getaway from the pressures of celebrity life. He goes to write hermit songs in the mountains and wakes up in Sadong, where he opens the sliding door to feel the ocean spray on his face and his chest in the space where his robe doesn’t cross. The minbak halmoni invites him in to a small room to eat ice cold watermelon slices while through the window she stares at the sky. When he feels lonely he goes to the café that has no theme, where he jots down lyrics in customized shorthand and sips on whiskey in-between bites of dongasse in his little corner away from a forgotten world. Here he is a hero and an unknown man. A stranger and a family member. While Cat Steven’s morning breaks I see his face on a picture on a wall, leaning against a vintage car, and I think how much he reminds me of a man I used to know.


*minbak 민박: a type of Korean guesthouse

*halmoni 할머니: Literally means grandmother, but can be used to describe older women

*dongasse: Originally of  Japanese origin (donkatzu), a battered and fried meat dish, similar to schnitzel, but often referred to as Pork Cutlet.