Most anyone can speak a language of some kind.  Anyone can point a camera and press a button. In both cases, it doesn’t mean you have anything to say. In my Ulleung existence away from everything, I have befriended a laptop. Like the amazing island I live on, I will have to leave my friend behind too. In the mean time we watch movies together, read letters from home, speak and listen to

If you are familiar with and like  La Blogoteque, another amazing music blog, you are likely to fall in love with these guys too. I have been following their site for a few months now, and it has been the sole inspiration of my whole 4 day Hongdae excursion. I wanted to go and see their world in 360 degrees. is a group of South Korean guys who make gorilla style music videos of artists that work in Hongdae, the area around Hongik University, in Seoul. Most of the videos are shot in the city. Often in the street or in a cafe,  the artists perform in an ordinary daily life milieu while bypassers carry shopping or take their kids to school. The audio quality is remarkable given the uncontrolled environment. Not to mention an excellent choice of musicians. All humble artists who love music.

Most of the team seem keen (South Africanism for enthusiastic or interested) on travelling, yet have decided to use their craft to bring their corner of the globe to us. A true labour of love, since the site is offered copywright free with free podcasts available on iTunes. It is modest, yet snazzy  not to mention extremely accessible. All their videos are accompanied by text in Korean and  English.

I’ll admit, if you have completely devoted yourself to pop, you may find yourself out of place here, but for anyone who loves indie music this is about as comfortable as hanging out in your lounge.  So pull up a comfy chair. It’s simple. Just


 This clip is especially for my art teacher. He is an adamant 시와 (ShiWa) fan. I happen to think this is a beautiful song too.

Here is one of their latest videos, a  simple and beautiful song by 백현진 (Baek Hyeon-Jin) and 정재일 (Jeong Jae-Ihl), who remind me a little of Tom Waits.

Join their Facebook group here. Or subscribe to their  Youtube Channel here. Or on Vimeo here.