I lost track of time at work today. I got completely caught up in an intensely gratifying moment of sharing. I stared at my hand smiling as my eyes lovingly followed Edmund, my newest friend, as he ran all over the back of my hand. It was especially cute when the poor little guy tried to keep up his speed when faced with my giant arm hairs. I tried to let Edmund explore my left hand too, so I would continually move a wrist or a finger in front of him waiting to see if his curiosity would get the better of his caution. Initially he avoided the left, until I constructed a path of extremely limiting choice in front of him. He finally leapt across the restrictions of his natural fear and started running across the left like he was a horseman on the Mongolian steppe. Good old Edmund and I are becoming quite close. He spends his days jogging around my desk, and I try not to accidentally kill him. He has other friends, but I think secretly he prefers my company. Sometimes he runs across my computer keyboard when he wants to get my attention. He knows I’ll never decapitate him underneath the keys on purpose…

Sometimes I worry that he will accidentally slip on my nail polish, but I guess when you have six legs, falling over isn’t such a big risk, so really I should just relax and stop being such a mom.


Where are the days that I killed insects just for being visible? Now I’m kind of like…are you deadly? Do you want to bite me for fun? Do you like running across my face? Do you eat my food, clothes, flesh or blood? If not…I say, “goodnight Edmund or Cynthia or Carl, sweet dreams” and turn around while I drift off on my marshmallow cloud to Lala-land. True story.