Back from my long break with a first of October treat entitled K-Pop Freaky Favourite Friday. I’m kicking it off with a song that, for a long time, I have only known as Manna Manna…you’ll soon see why. The song is performed by 장기하와 얼굴들 (Jang Gi-Ha and the Faces) …in fact, all today’s songs are performed by the same group. The first song… (remember, Manna Manna?) features 리쌍 Lee Ssang and is, in fact titled, 우리 지금 만나 (Let’s meet now). This is a recording from KBS2 and was recorded last year.



The next one is a decided Norae Bang favourite. Here to freakily fill your Friday is 달이차오른다, 가자 (The Moon is Rising, Let’s Go!)  by Jang Gi-Ha and the Faces. If you practice hard, you can dance along!



Jang Gi-Ha and the Faces focus their lyrics around what it means to live the life of a student in Korea. I have not yet been able to get a hold of translations for their songs, but you can be sure I am on it. If you want to read more about them, click on the image. If you just found yourself falling in love with them, you can join their FB fan page by clicking here, purchase their album from Yes Asia by clicking here, learn to sing along to their song Cheap Coffee click here, watch Cheap Coffee here or read their very informative artist profile at Drama Beans here.

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