Here are some recent musical discoveries. All Asian of course. You may not know these people but that doesn’t mean they aren’t colossally big. It’s worth taking note of the artists coming from other sides of the world.

Let’s start off with Fan Ja. This Thai song is a compilation between Bird Tongchai McIntyre, also known as Pi Bird (Pi means older brother in Thai), Katreeya “Kat” English, Nat and Jintara. It was quite a scramble to get some information about these four artists, in English at least. Pi Bird has a Scottish Thai father so the Scottish name is totally legit. According to his fansite, the name Bird comes from his childhood name, Albert. His career spans over several memorable movie roles and musical releases such as the one you are about to listen. Would you believe this hottie was born in 1958? Thats just two years younger than my dad! Kat English sports similar Eurasian heritage with a Thai mother and English father. This model/singer debuted her acting career in the film “Anung Kid Thung Por Sang Kep” and has since been flourishing. Wait, it gets better… “Nat” Myria Alexandra Bennedetti has an Italian/Swiss father and Thai mother! She started her career as an actress and then moved on to singing. Jintara graduated with a degree in political science and is also pursuing a career in politics and has even run in an election.

Without further ado… Fan Ja, which I understand roughly translates to sweet voice (Ja) of a lover (Fan). Feel free to sing along!

Next up is a young lady I discovered in an advert while on a very long flight between Cape Town and Dubai while watching a mandatory jewelery commercial somewhere in-between the pre-dinner cracker and an episode of Flight of the Concords. I later recognized her in a magazine article in the airport lounge dubbing her one of the most influencial women in the middle east. welcome to the world of the hugely successful Nancy Ajram. This super adorable Lebanese singer even earned herself a spot on Oprah. The very first Middle Eastern singer to do so. Not only is she one of the highest grossing stars but she is also a goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.

Here she is in Haddy Mashy. You don’t really need a translation, the music video tells it all.

Well…that’s it for now…Will post more later.