The excitement of the North Korean attack has worn off and made way to all the social engagements and paperwork involved in packing up the school year and my life here in Ulleungdo. I suppose it’s tradition to say I haven’t done nearly half the things I wanted to do, but I did manage to do the 22 page editing and lay-out for the school’s English newspaper and  two birthday parties (both my own). A very good friend has suddenly come to visit and I had a whole week of 여자 [yeoja = girl] bliss playing with my friend, going to the sauna and gym… catching up, eating too much cake and watching too many Korean series and buffing up on  Korean expressions. The whole package complete with facepacks, take out and sleepovers.

Just so you can share in the fun, and so I can numb the immediacy of how much packing and goodbyes now await me… here’s a song from one of the latest favourites. “My Bus” from Mary Stayed Out All Night. Don’t forget to catch Secret Garden on SBS HD over the weekend!

Now it’s time to pack, say goodbye and try to cover the tremendous list of verbs for the Korean TOPIK exam in just over a month.