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Yes… an unreasonably long title, I know…but this one relates to an unreasonably long good-bye. Yes, dear reader, I am leaving my beloved island and my high heels are leaving in a box on a boat on a plane on a ship. It’s a sad affair and too many tears were shed. I’m sure I’m not quite done. As for the packing…err… its happening slowly. Luckily desperation is setting in and I’m giving away far more than I thought I would as it should be. Outside the snow twinkles in the festive Christmas lights from the church and I’m content to say it’s been a lovely first proper white Christmas.

This past year and a half has been tough, but I firmly believe our hardest struggles turn into our deepest joys. I will miss this place and I’ll always feel just a touch of jealousy for the person who gets to take over from me after I leave. I have experienced intense loneliness and numbing depression at times, but I have never regretted coming here. The rewards of lessons learnt and sincere love received made it completely worthwhile.

For this reason, I have been stalling my packing for half a week already, and with almost no work left at school it’s been easy to occupy myself with some good old Korean Series. Also, I’ve had the maternal pleasure of watching my students perform at the annual school festival.  These events have fleshed out my playlist for some nostalgic packing music. So, before I decide to stall any longer, let me leave you with some songs that are keeping me company as I pack…


Younha: 좋이해 (I like you) from the soundtrack of “Girlfriends” and “Can’t Believe It” from the soundtrack of  “Personal Taste”

Baek Ji Young 그여자  (That Woman)

FT Island “Bing Bing Bing” and “I hope”

Lee Juk with 하늘을 달리다 (Running through the Sky)