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OK… so this is kind of old news… but I passed the level1 TOPIK Test!!! TOPIK is a Korean language proficiency test, and even though I am still a far way off from passing the required level 4 to qualify entry at Seoul National University, I am ecstatic. In-between teaching at a two week camp, and travelling around packing like a lunatic, I had just 1 week to prepare for this test. To top it all, my books were stuck on Ulleungdo inside a truck, under a pile of snow. So…Monday (aka study day 1) was dedicated to going into down town Daegu to Kyobo Bookshop to try and save myself from certain failure. The week following that was total immersion into Korean student culture. Day long trips to the library armed with my travel blanket, earmuffs,  iPod, books and Tae-Eun’s lovingly packed Korean snack packs. By the end of the week I had only managed to cover Tenses, Negatives (which I studied in the back of the car driving home) and those infamous Korean Particles. All in all, I managed to cover chapter 1-3 in a textbook which totals 24 chapters. The screwedness dripped off me like a ladle basted turkey as I did the walk of shame across Deagu University’s campus. In the examination room we were spoken to ONLY in Korean. I kept repeating to myself, bravely, “Just do your best…. It doesn’t matter if you fail, this is just a test-run, remember? The test was MUCH harder than the mock test I wrote the day before, and so I really didn’t have much hope for passing at all.

…but here I am…flabbergasted, but happy. Only 3 more levels to go…


***A special thanks to the Kim family who supported me,  loved me,  coaxed me,  scolded me,  fed me and celebrated with me. Big Love to my Korean Mom and Dad and my two adorable sisters, Tae-Eun eonni and Gyeong-Eun.