I recently took up the not-so-thought-through project of helping a friend with the marketing for their theatre company’s corporate environmental show. It involved my idea of hospitality as a front of house manager. One of these events took place yesterday. It was a showcase presented to school teachers as a marketing gimmick to ensure bookings for the rest of the year. My job was to make the guests feel at home, and how is it possible to practice hospitality without beautiful food? Out of 100 invitations, 20 RSVP’d and 12 actually made good. I prepared a spread of vegetarian snacks and even made little brown paper labels for the cupcakes with little catchphrases from the show. I was superbly proud of how my table of mini fruit skewers, flower cupcakes and sweet and salty tediously decorated crackers welcomed guests in from the rain, only to pack up pretty much all the food 20 minutes later minus two cupcakes and half a plate of crackers (probably six in total). At least the famished cast could chow down the rest of the food after packing up.

It was the most unsatisfying thing ever! I came home feeling sick (from anger eating left-overs in the car on the way home) and spent. Who doesn’t like food? FREE food? It’s just wrong. I love cooking, but not just for the sake of just cooking. People who don’t eat awesome food are winning my pet-peeve of the week award.