The ID&A Design Store, Hongdae Seoul

Today I feel like getting out of my “Everything Sucks” funk. Let’s do a bit of browsing and meet some awesome people, shall we? I haven’t done that in a long long time and it’s a bit as overdue as my walk with the dog. So here goes…

The Design Tabloid

I don’t care who you are, if you have any senses at all, you MUST be utterly in love with design of some kind. So, if you are having any trouble with sifting through the good and the bad, scooch on over to The Design Tabloid. It’s about a dozen times healthier on your eyes and your brain than getting hooked on those smutty gossip shows. It promises to give you the lo-down on what’s hot and not without you even having to pop out for an overpriced glossy mag that ups your carbon footprint and is 80% advertisements anyway. Get some awesome ideas on how to glam up for St Patrick’s day without falling in the tack pit. Lend your ear to author Rose McClement, and get the scoop on this year’s Design Indaba that you probably couldn’t attend because of that wedding in Langebaan, you know auntie so-and-so’s cousin’s daughter who slapped a chunk of your Barbie birthday cake in your eye on your sixth birthday. A-ny-way….please share with me my excitement for beautiful furniture and aesthetic storage solutions and peek at the post about the Design Indaba. Fall head over heels for the Bloom chair from Weylands and delve into their Kloof Street wish list.

The blog is run by Design Monarchy, a local interior design and décor company. To check it out, pour a glass of something fizzy and click here.


Bohemian Red Images

All of us have a friend who has a pretty nice camera who consequently takes these great pictures, but it’s rare to find yourself a friend like Katie Basbagill. Katie is the creator and all-round instigator and continentally awesome bohemian behind Bohemian Red Images. I met her one winter in Korea while peeking over her shoulder at her laptop screen as she was busy editing the beautiful wedding photos she took for my friends, Erina and Kendall Ludwig from The Yellow Kites. Her personality is every bit as brave and vibrant as her funky red hair, but behind this enigmatic lady sits a very successful photographer, creative, traveller and environmentalist. Before you think she’s just another great wedding photographer (which she is) take note that this twenty-something lady has recently been to Swaziland as part of Thirst Project. Her works have been commissioned by a cafe in Perth, and in-between setting foot on just about every continent on the globe, she still makes time for friends. Anyway, enough of me and my ode to Katie. Get yourself comfortable and hop on over to her blog for a good look. To go now, click here.