Korea may not always have the best coffee, but they have the most amazing coffee shops who are making better and better (and more expensive) coffee… I’m replacing K-Pop Fridays with a new theme, Coffee Shop Fridays. Just so I don’t get hounded for being overly negative about South Africa, I will try to alternate between the countries, but due to my current transportation shortage, I can’t make any promises, so here goes…

To open the stage, I will present to you, one of my all-time favourites. If you are ever in Seoul’s Hongdae Area and have a friend who is in need for a good burger, whether he (or she) is Korean or not, tear them out of whichever stupid franchise he’s wandered into and take him to Retro Mama. This retrofunk cafe is decorated with all sorts of retro goodies ranging from Cupie Dolls to embroidered trimmings and hand painted chairs. Don’t worry – you won’t be walking into someone’s granny’s old shop or like those Biggie Best in the 90’s explosions where they play elevator music and John Denver covers.   They are a little bit pricey, but the service is great, and where else can you get a burger patty that tastes home-made and is so fat and juicy that it makes the burger tilt, a place where when you ask for sugar and the barista comes over to give you a free shot of Amaretto and a wink? Take it from me, save your won for Retro Mama. Her boys will take good care of you.

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As a plus, Bebop Guest House is a very cosy neighbour of this adorable eatery, so this place is good for breakfast, as well as a quick coffee or a pre-party supper, and I have it on good authority that they also deliver, but take it from me, it’s way better to just grab a few friends and go and kuier there for what I consider to be the best burger in Seoul.