Actually, this post should have read, “How much fun Young-In can have with a pack of icing sugar and tons of food dye.” Here is the result of my weekend; a gigantic tray full of randomly decorated cupcakes, my ultimate recipe for combating the effects of chronic boredom and perpetual depression. It works every time. Make sure you don’t ingest all of the cupcakes by yourself, though, that kind of makes the whole thing backfire. Do hand them out to friends,  to show appreciation to the people that stuck it out with you during your smelly pyjama phase. Donate them to a homeless shelter, to teach you how much you should be grateful for… or take them along to church to bless someone who may have had a crummy week, or who just needs to feel at home.

Perhaps I should have a little feel-good theme each Sunday morning, even if it really is still Saturday night, and I haven’t washed the dishes yet… Enjoy the cupcakes!


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