A day late, I know, but here is this Friday’s cafe. For a moment,  imagine the library at your University where you used to spend endless hours trying to cook up creative ideas.  That stale cubicled space with buzzing fluorescent lights and the smell of paper and carpet. Now imagine that print shop you go to to print out an e-mail with uncomfortable chairs and the smell of nicotine and fart.  This week’s spot has taken everything you need from the library and put it in a coffee shop with comfy chairs and hot coffee. Book Cafe in Hongdae, Seoul is awesome for intelligent conversation,  super brainstorming or fruitful study sessions. Half the wall-space is dedicated to books, which include some awesome hard-cover design books. You can buy/ rent flash drives and order yummy muffins and warm coffee in huggy cups to jazz up the creative juices. The space is designed to make working or studying comfortable. Study lamps and pencils with note pads are distributed on tables, and they even have printing facilities available.  Of course the internet is ultra fast and more importantly, free. When it gets to crunching for the TOPIK test or even just sitting down to write or focus on a great design idea, The Book Cafe is almost always my choice.

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