I feel like such an idiot for two reasons. One, I forgot Friday Independent (again) and when finally reminded after I updated my status update on Facebook and Mojo I sat in blind idiocy about who to nominate for Friday Indie… Then it hit me like a giant bowl of cold milk and milo flakes. Why, Mike Tompkins, of course! Now I know… Taio Cruz is not exactly indie music… but you don’t have to be a mom looking for your unmarried daughter’s next boyfriend (or the daughter herself) to think Mike Tompkins is a total cutie! If you’re a fore mentioned mum, you may also enjoy that Mike cleans up the messy innuendo and swearing in his versions as well. Canadian beat-boxing genius Mike re-works songs into acapella and then records them and posts them onto youtube. Do yourself a favour, and actually watch this video. I really like seeing him love what he’s doing. So if you overslept on Friday’s Indie like me – wake up to Mike Tompkins this Saturday morning with his cover of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite. PS. I love Cymbal