Festive Season Flavour

My Festive Season Flavour is Amaretto Liqueur. Toss a shot or two into french toast custard, paired with croissants for a rich luxurious breakfast, or add a nip into the plunger with your morning filter coffee. I also like to add a dash to my creamy chocolate sauce for a little something unexpected. The sweet fragrant liqueur also compliments ice cream as well as chicken! Go figure! This almond apricot concoction definitely makes it’s way into my basket and cooking this holiday season.

Entrancing Escape

This festive season I’m escaping to one of my favourite locations for a white, or at least very cold, Christmas. I know Korea doesn’t seem very Christmassy, but you’re wrong. At winter time Seoul is utter romance with the city covered in snow and iced with fairy lights and warm beckoning cafes. Street cuisine offers a smorgasbord of hot treats designed with tired and chilled travellers in mind.

Happy Hobby Hub

My latest crazy is crocheting, and the perfect spot for my hobby binge is Kleen Eezy in Northumberland street. Behind the cleaning chemical facade, this shop hosts a wool collection gigante! Head over to a little corner where they keep the 100%cotton. Vinnis Colours by Nikkim are locally produced and offer gorgeous colours in cotton. So soft to the touch, colour safe and machine washable, this thread offers pure tactile crocheting pleasure. It may  take some getting used to if you’re accustomed to finer threads, but once you get the hang of it, it works quite comfortably.

Blessed Bakes

I got the most amazing recipe for doughnuts from my sister-in-law while I was in Spain. Literally whisk up the batter by throwing all the ingredients together. Rise for an hour, cut out the o’s, rise for another 30 minutes and then get your your vetkoek savvy dad to pop the dough in and out of 180 degree oil while you dip the hot doughnuts into a glaze (with a smidge of amaretto). It produces the lightest sweet treats that will give Krispy K’s a good run for their money. For a twist, prepare some nuts and candies and let guests make their own doughnut topping. You’re not likely to be stuck with stale doughnuts the next day.

Fun Fat Obliterator

After all that Amaretto toast and doughnuts, you’ll need someplace fun to work-out. Who has time to go to the gym or jogging in-between visits from friends and family and all these delicious treats? However, South Africa’s sunny Christmas doesn’t allow for baggy reindeer jerseys and leg-warmers to hide the holiday flab. Instead of swearing off the treats completely, my friend and I are cooling off in the pool while burning off those bits of dough that aught not be lingering. A fun social activity that won’t hurt your self-esteem, or your heart.

Traditionally Foreign

Try something new this season like traditional Christmas cookies from Spain. My selection for this year are Polvones, which roughly translates as dust cookies. To enjoy, take these almond flour cookies and squeeze them into a ball before tearing open the wrapper.  You’ll soon see why they’re called  dust cookies. They’re delicious, and they’ll definitely challenge your traditional idea of cookies.  Beware, though, the lightness is deceptive. These nibbles are quite rich, so better have them with mid morning coffee instead of after a heavy meal.

What are you festive season favourites this year?