Fantastic Mr Firth


During my research for a design project at University, I came accross an article about Colin Firth’s top 5 list of must reads… Since I’d elected Mr. Firth my must-see of the year, the year before (unfortunately, since he seemed less obvious), I took some interest in stopping to read the article. This sparked off another idea. My family (though they deny it) have secretly hoped I would ruin Kate Moss’ career by being thinner and prettier and of course richer, though none of this has happened, I had decided on spicing up the excitement for my visit to the UK. If my mom could manage a meeting with Colin Firth for my birthday, I would loose every single ounce she wanted. Now – scroll up and down this page. You should realize that there is no physical replica of the picture of myself with Mr Firth as I had imagined it 6 months ago.

Alas, the goods had not been delivered on either side of the transaction, though my mother HAS bumped into Mr Firth at a ranting line at some or the other premiere (the details do not concern me).

On this lovely night half-way through my visit here… I decided to do a search on the internet:

‘How to meet Colin Firth’

AskJeeves supplied me with over ten pages of sites containing information about other people who also wanted to meet Colin Firth. Suddenly the golden gleam wore off only to reveal a plastic trinkety base. What was I running after? Surely, all must feel, as my mother, that it was an impossibility, but should it be?

I understand that if all 300 000(or whatever) people had wanted to meet him that – if it were me – I’d move to Iceland… but how royal is celebrity-dom? Why should I consider it an impossibility? I have, as he has, studied the art of performance. I have even completed a post-graduate, but the competitive-ness of this industry makes it virtually impossible for me, as an unknown actress/director/academic to accomplish the thought of a possible meeting.

Oh, bugger that! Maybe Mr Firth would one day dream of meeting me.