After the Christmas Turkey


Yes, we all had a lot to say and undulge in over a traditional English Christmas dinner in Epping. Much too much than just ‘filling a hole’ as the waitress put it, we had an assortment of treats ranging from turkey to parsnips, peas, potatoes, carrots Yorkshire pudding etc. With, of course all the after dinner treats such as Christmas Pudding, Trifle, Fudge Cake and Coffee with mince pies, of which none of us could master the last mentioned.

Dinner was followed with groans in the car all the way home to a cozy nap in front of the telly. Christmas was complete except for snow, which, the news had promised would arrive around Boxing Day. Today, on the 27th the day after Boxing day (obviously) snow finally arrived in large crispy (well, more fluffy actually) flakes over breakfast, as we prepared to set off to Hyde Park.

For anyone who has known my mother for a moderately short time or longer will know that her tiniest of heart lies with the hungry animals… All of which must be fed, and I can candidly say that at least a third of the Pigeon Legion(for surely they MUST have SOME army training) of Hyde Park, had indeed been fed after a short hop across the street to Marks and Spencer.

Let me tell you now that, in case you ever wondered, strength may not necessarily lie in numbers, but the subtle art of intimidation and the stupidity of bravery certainly does. I have never seen such candid birds in my life!!! Trampling and slipping all over my new winter boots, pecking the bread right out of my hands as I fumble to spread the meal fairly, whilst praying that I may be spared a chunky splosh of warm bird-poop anywhere on my hair or clothes. As usual, I hope you will enjoy my pictures.