The A2Z of the A to Z


There’s something crowding about every city. Sometimes the crowdiness form part of charm, but when you’re sharing a 1 bedroom flat with three other people, the charm wares off rather abruptly. Emotions run on knifes edge and soon enough, cultural exchange or not, some or the other tiff or anger fit will rear its ugly head dampening the Christmas mood in an otherwise pleasant, frosty, twinkly London.

For now let me focus on the more fantastical aspects of my trip. My truly Korean friend and I soon discovered the use of lugging the A to Z in a tissue stuffed bag on our first trip alone in London, that is to say, our first unguided trip into Piccadilly, Green Park and SOHO. All went well on our way to Buckingham Palace and towards Fortnam and Mason and upon traveling amongst and beyond lines of Theatres we stumbled upon Chinatown, which we had planned on stopping at anyway since Mi-Young needed some ingredients for the Kimbab she wanted to make as a treat for the rest of us.

Inspired by the goods of the reasonably priced oriental supermarket and armed with a box of choco pies we passed a Chinese man holding up an advertisement for a new Korean Restaurant on the corner of Panton and Haymarket street. Being lunch, we set off to test the cooking talents with Mi-Young’s sharp palate and my fierce enthusiasm and so we dwindled on up and down between Piccadilly, Leicester Square and eventually Trafalgar Square until we finally found our way to the Jindalae.

With lunch out of the way we already knew enough of London to complete the rest of our planned sightseeing without the A to Z. In Trafalgar Square we were attacked by hungry erattic pigeons and on Leicester Square we posed with our favourite celebrities. Mi-Young with Charlie Chaplin and I with the handprints of Jude Law. Tired but excited to tell of all we saw and experienced, we headed home. Taking the tube from Leicester Square meant changing to the Jubilee at Green Park. As Mi-Young comes from the economic, hard-working fast paced Korea she dashed for the Tube a split second before the doors closed leaving me behind on the platform. Finally she had been all alone in a foreign land. I caught the next train and met up with her on Stratford. Bloody Lucky. Well, that was that, our first, adventure, for the first time, both of us had been in a place neither of us could call home, none-the-less we found our way, just fine.