I will not apologize for this post. Let me get that straight out of the way. I’ve been to see The Descendants this weekend, and I cried and laughed all the way through. I applaud director Alexander Payne (About Schmidt, Sideways) for, once again, being able to lay bear the humanness of his characters, and to give Everyman a voice for that messed-up headspace we experience in life, when it overwhelms us. I’ve always said, no matter how one feels about one’s family. No matter whether you cut them out of your life. No matter whether it hurts to loose them and hurts to keep them. They will always be the nearest place to our joy and the nearest our pain. For once, a film that is tender, compassionate, unselfish and non-egocentric. I applaud celebrated hottie George Clooney for exchanging his suave Danny Ocean gait for an awkward confused desperate man running, sandals a-flapping, down a suburban street. As intriguing Hugo was… as impressive and captivating…That’s how beautiful The Descendants were. For a brief moment in time allowing us to sink into life instead of escaping it.