Raka is the name of an epic poem by Afrikaans poet N.P. van Wyk Louw. As you may deduce from the title, Raka is not the nicest character, and the lengthy poem made part of all of our education; for myself and my hometown pals. So it came to be that Raka would be the personification of all our anger. If you wanted to say, “People who walk on grass really anger me to the point of pure livid-ness”, then we would say, “It makes me Raka”…but in Afrikaans. Today I was Raka. I woke up with Raka, called in sick and dwelled in our house with my ruddy awful mood. Skype conversations were rife with misunderstanding and unintentional offenses until I eventually decided that something was to be done with my life as a whole. I launched my new awakening from the couch and tossed a load of washing in the machine. Hours later I found myself watering some fruit trees and another hour later I sprayed the bird poop off our stoop. Suddenly an utterly amazing plan sprouted from the empty accomplishments of the day. I finished off my job, went in the kitchen, drank an energy drink and set off to make our ordinary low key dinner into a spectacular spectacular. Caffeien overloded I swept through our local mall on the search for fairy lights, lanterns and dessert ingredients. We were to go out for dinner (BORING) and then come home to a fairy section of our rugged doggy poop infested garden under a plum tree filled with turquoise lanterns and then eat some dessert Rome-style on blankets with coffee and awesomeness.

As history would have it my text indicating the meeting times and location to all the guests did not go through and I was all dressed up with nothing to do. After throwing the biggest drama queen tantrum of the year and recalibrating the schedule with all the now unavailable guests I am convinced that that energy drink I had a few hours earlier was fuelling my inner Raka, and it was NOT pretty. Even now as all the dessert glasses stand soaking in the sink and my face under a sheet mask, I still haven’t calmed down. It’s nearly 4 am and I am live as a wire. I’ve tried my normal sleeping prep patterns… taking a swim under moonlight, applying a face pack and finally pre-sleeping in front of the TV until I resorted to singing my favourite songs out loud in bed. So if you have experienced my Raka today, I think I’m receiving ample pay-back in down-payments. Now for lack of sleep and again tomorrow for want of it.

Note to self: Refrain from drinking energy drinks. They cause strife, sleeplessness and kidney stones.