A little blast from the past…

This topic is really hard for me to write about…this thing that defies all reason. You know? This LOVE thing. I mean, I love Creme Brulee, and I love the colour green and I love winter and my dog and the soundtrack of 500 Days of Summer. I love living on my island, taking the bus around and hum-strumming my guitar with my windows open when it was raining. I loved the alone-ness. The quiet noise of my neighbours going about their business raising babies or tourists loudly talking, excitedly shuffle-walking past my apartment. I love to analyse to learn to understand. I can feel utterly romanced by just sitting in the dark listening to awesome music. Getting lost in the streets of Kyoto accompanied by Jeong Mina on my ipod. I remember the time I sat on the balcony watching the boats go out to sea and listening to the pebbles on the beach rolling listlessly as the waves push them up the beach and gravity pulls them back. I have even loved a bit of sweet melancholy loneliness. Who needs love-love? This lah lah lah together-love? That crazy thing that comes in your house tearing the door out the doorpost. Irrevocably shuffling things round like a tempestuous wind. All things out of place. Sleepless nights followed by anxious days, fumbled thoughts and coffee stains. Too much coffee too many times too frequently and the anxiety of too much caffeine on an utterly empty stomach.

What is up with this unwelcomed guest? I must pull his sticky fingers off me and chuck it back in the strong wind that brought it for someone else, somewhere else, far far away from here.