So… my rice-fed belly and I are off the island…and we find ourselves in a whole new terrain. For a year couch surfing and channel hopping were my activities of choice. Oh…you know, that Pleasantville where all is so well. Where each squishy fat deposit is a pocket full of comfort sunshine. Oh the options! 360 degrees of choice.

But I have outgrown my comfort when winter came and shoelace tie-ing became a real and unexpected challenge…which I decided to take on. I clothed my bear socks with running shoes, garbed the puppies and joined my cut ballerina friend for bi-weekly work-outs…and it feels GREAT!

Not only does it help to have a fun-loving work-out buddy (I really DO despise militaristic workout Nazi’s), but I am actually jogging! Not only jogging, but I just joined Shape magazine’s 10K Challenge which promises to take me from flabby slob to tight 10K running machine in 12 weeks! To be honest, at this point, I should add that 90% of the battle is in my head with years and years of believing that exercise equals hell. I am also struggling, based on my first day’s experience, with the time concept of the program. Somehow it’s easier for me to say… “I’m going to jog until I get to the bush that’s shaped like Tannie Evita“, rather than going, “Oh, please don’t let me collapse before 3 minutes are over!”.

And so day one has come and gone. I can’t say that I have succeeded in the goal of the day, but I’ll just rest my muscles and get up and try again tomorrow. I have seven days, after all, to accomplish 3 day’s work, and not allow my head to bring me down. Also, I have the awesome opportunity of watching God’s design in action, knowing my body is upping production on mitochondria each time I hit tarmac. How cool is THAT?