Week two is upon this newbie jogger! The first week, with head attached properly to shoulders, is almost over. I am grateful for the ridiculous amount of support I am receiving from joggers all over the world, it seems. It’s such a blessing to have a challenge where the results are measurable! Despite a minor set-back earlier this week, I am still improving on my time. Benefits perceived so far:

1. Awesomeness

2. Support from friends

3. 1 kg weight loss (this week)

4. More energy

5. Better sleep

6. Best moods ever

7. New super adventurousness

8. Getting up from the couch easier

9. Tighter belly (more clothes)

10. Better lung capacity

Next week we’ll be upping each jogging session by three minutes, and I can’t wait! Future Plans? Try trail running in Newlands forest, wiggle into my new, previously impossible, black dress and boogie the night away.

Here’s today’s Mojo song… All Stars United with Worldwide Socialites Unite from my Teen Christian DJ days back in the nineties when I dressed like a skateboarder.