Nothing feeds procrastination like unattended goals, old favourites on TV, unopened bags of crisps, irregular schedules, messy work-spaces and tummy flab, but we already knew these things. Despite my crazy running schedule and goals set to achieve in the merry month of May… gravity has won over my best intentions. I have made meagre attempts at these items on the list to the effect of, I don’t know…folding a few T-shirts and rewashing all the random items of clothes mountaineering on my bed. I’ve thrown a few clumps of clay on the wheel, requested a visa application form, driven a friend home, enabled and disabled an internet control nanny, purchased tickets for the dance and put a few Korean songs on my i-pod. Yet the ribbon at the finish line is still virgin territory. Here they are, the ten Goals I didn’t accomplish during May:

1. Organising my room

2. Cleaning my room (yes, they are separate goals)

3. Losing 2kgs (in spite of jogging like a lunatic)

4. Making 1 item on my potter’s wheel

5. Spending less time on TV or on-line

6. Studying for my Korean test

7. Dancing at a function (with an actual guy)

8. Running continuously for 10 minutes

9. Applying for a visa

10. Prepping for my driving test

What to do? Ship my list over to June or make a new one? I guess I’ll decide after Groundhog Day.